Week 2 (24/04/18) – Robot Wars
What’s the best way to show the robots whose in charge but to fight them for our amusement. For honour and glory! May be odds forever be in your favour, and the edge of the table arena a long way off.

Week 3 (01/05/18) – Great Dougish Bake-off
Not a rip off of any well known TV shows, not at all, no… We’re going to challenge our inner Berry’s, Hollywood’s and Leith’s and let our cooking demons out… it can only go well, right?

Week 4 (08/05/18) – Dollywood
DougSoc introduces its particular brand of Hollywood. The red carpet, the lights, the cameras, the action. Ok, so we don’t have a red carpet and the lights may be a bit temperamental but we can promise a night with at least someone shouting ‘ACTION’ (even if that person happens to be me).

Week 5 (15/05/18) –  1001 Blank White Cards
They may begin blank and white, but trust me – they won’t look like that when we’re finished with them! You can write the cards we’ll have in the deck in order to accrue meaningless points, change the rules, or (a common ploy) tell players to go to a hastily-constructed jail without passing GO.

Week 6 (22/05/18) – Quest: Raven Edition
In this long awaited, high suspense event we act out a favourite TV programme (which isn’t just for kids – ok?) and try to escape the clutches of Nevar’s realm.

Week 7 (29/05/18) – Photo Challenge
It is time to capture the wondrous, the divine, the confusing and the just-plain-weird on camera! We’ll take snapshots of everything from ‘Imminent Death’ to ‘The Most Important Tree in the Universe’. Points for creativity!

Week 8 (05/06/18) – Spec Ops

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Time to run around with water guns to kill the time until the Chair receives their annual soaking… If the weather is bad, we’ll be staying inside for our Theory Test (see below!) and the Chair survives to fight another week…

Week 9 (12/06/18) – Theory Test
As term draws close to an end and everybody is done with their exams, it is of course perfectly reasonable and logical that we should impose yet another meaningless set of questions upon our Douglings. Anybody observing exam conditions will be severely penalised.

Week 10 (19/06/18) – Summer Picnic and DougAwards
Before we say farewell to our fellow Douglings for the long empty summer, it’s time to celebrate the year in time honoured tradition… presentation of the DougAwards and our annual picnic, which will probably devolve into children’s games. It usually does.

Special Events

Saturday Week 4 (12/05/17) – Eurovision
As always, DougSoc will be celebrating Eurovision in all its glory! Come along to witness the best and most ridiculous entertainment that Europe (and Australia) have to offer, all on the big screen. There will be good company and pizza – what more can you ask for?

Saturday Week 7 (2/06/17) – Scarborough
Once again, we’ll be heading off to Scarborough this term to enjoy the sun, the sand, and most importantly, the arcades! We’ll be getting the train from York station, so no need to worry about finding your own way there. Then, it’s straight to Poundland to buy buckets and spades, and down to the beach front for fun and shenanigans, probably with a minor detour to get food on the way!

Please note, unlike most of our events, Scarborough is a members only event. We’re very sorry, but insurance is a thing.


Please remember, you are welcome to visit two DougSoc meetings without having to pay membership! We can’t wait to see you on Tuesday.