Week 2 (03/10/17) – And Now For Something Completely Different
Not sure what DougSoc is all about? Come along to this week’s meeting, where we’ll be showcasing a variety of activities we like getting up to, and indulging in some long-standing DougSoc traditions!

Week 3 (10/10/17) – Scavenger Hunt
We set DougSoc loose across campus armed with a list of things to seek out – the list contains items of varying degrees of obscurity and esoterica, so creativity is encouraged! A fantastically fun event, with a highly original prize for the winning team.

Week 4 (17/10/17) – Science Night
Have you ever wanted to be a mad scientist? Well, you bring the mad, we bring the science! Time for home science experiments. Don’t wear your best clothes, because there is a genuine possibility that something might explode. Be creative, be inventive, be innovative (and other words that end in ‘ive’)… or just turn up and poke stuff with a stick to see what happens.

Week 5 (24/10/17) – Art Attack!
Prepare to get creative! In true DougSoc fashion, we will be unleashing the glue, glitter and googly eyes to embark on an epic artistic journey worthy of Neil Buchanan and his heavy metal band. (Please note, for inclusivity reasons, we will not be forbidding the colour green.)

Week 6 (31/10/17) – Doug of the Dead
The apocalypse is upon us! The dead walk. And yet, DougSoc endure, and are here to show you how much fun the apocalypse can really be. Celebrate Halloween with us for fun and games, and hopefully whacking a zombie with a stick. Fancy dress not required, but encouraged! A Give it a Go event.
Please note, this event will start at 7:00pm so that we have time for more Halloween spoops after the event!

Week 7 (07/11/17) – Retro Video Night
We look back on videos from years past, and mercilessly take the mick (or shamelessly enjoy them!). Mostly, this means watching children’s cartoons in awe and wondering how on earth anybody let these programmes be broadcast. Much amusement to be had, not to mention self-indulgent nostalgia!

Week 8 (14/11/17) – Improv Night
Clever wits, a good sense of humour, and sheer force of enthusiasm will carry you far in these silly games. Come along to test your quick thinking against our improvisation games, or just to bear witness to the hilarity that inevitably ensues!

Week 9 (21/11/17) – Gameshow Night
DougSoc recreates and competes in a variety of TV gameshows, finally discovering how true it is when we shout at the television “I could have done better!” Prepare for friendly competition and perhaps a game of rock-paper-scissors as a tie breaker.

Week 10 (28/11/17) – Childhood Regression
Our yearly Christmas Party! Come along for an evening of childish fun and games, replaying such classics as Pass the Parcel or Musical Statues, as well as possibly some new games. Round the term off in the right way by taking an evening to just have fun!

Special Events

Weekend of Week 9 – DougSoc Winter Formal
As is tradition, we will be getting dressed up in our finery for our annual formal dinner at McDonalds, followed by that most civilised of activities, a trip to the University’s RAG pantomime, The Three Musketeers!

Please remember, you are welcome to visit two DougSoc meetings without having to pay membership! We can’t wait to see you on Tuesday.