Week 2 (16/01/18) – Bored Games
What’s the best way to cure holiday boredom? Why, board games of course! Bring along some of your favourite games, and try some new games too. Plus, have a good old natter and catch up with the other Douglings after the void that is the Saturnalia holidays (what do you mean Christmas is more widely celebrated?!)

Week 3 (23/01/18) – Hiding Night
Cower! Flee! Fly you fools! Stealth and secrecy are your allies in the evening that’s all about hiding. Look forward to classic hiding games like Hide and Seek, or Sardines. And if all else fails, run away screaming.

Week 4 (30/01/18) – Community Outreach
DougSoc introduces its particular brand of chaos to the general public, as we venture out into the big wide world to try our hands at bowling, laser quest, or some other appropriately raucous activity. (Previously known as Ritual Humiliation).

This event will take place off-campus. More details to be confirmed soon.

Week 5 (06/02/18) – Time Travel Night
We build time machines, and travel through various moments from the past and future, completing a challenge in each timezone. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey shenanigans ensue.

Week 6 (13/02/18) – Elections!
Once again we will celebrate Shrove Tuesday in time-honoured tradition: making pancakes and overthrowing our leaders. Also electing new leaders! Isn’t democracy great? Please come along to vote for next year’s committee, and run for a position yourself! Check out the ‘Committee’ page to see what roles we have (and find out whose job you are planning to steal!)

You must be a paid member of the Society to vote or run for Committee positions. You can pay membership here!

Week 7 (20/02/18) – Bad Movie Night
It is time to pay homage to the best of bad movies, as Douglings gather together to laugh and weep at the worst films to ever grace the silver screen. Let us see whether or not we have finally exhausted the pool of atrocious animated Titanic knock-offs…

This event will be held in V/N/045, not D/L/036. We will meet in V-Bar/The Vanbrugh Arms as usual beforehand.

Week 8 (27/02/18) – Mystery Night
You know the time. You know the place. You don’t know anything else. You don’t even know exactly who you are or what is your purpose in life. Prepare for confusion, puzzlement, and… mysteryyyyy. (And for those of you who are confused, the time and place is Tuesday, 8pm, V-Bar!)

Week 9 (06/03/18) – Don’t Panic!
As term draws close to an end, deadlines loom. Essays need writing. Lab reports need submitting. But DON’T PANIC! Our cosy, calming pyjama party is exactly what you need to sweep the stress of the busy term away.

Week 10 (13/03/18) – The 22nd Final Ultimate Battle Of Good Vs. Evil
For the last (last) time, DougSoc will be the arbitrators of the Final Ultimate Battle of Good Vs. Evil (as Unfairly Judged by the Forces of Neutrality)! Come in costume, representing either true goodness, or pure evil, and hammer it out in the ultimate contests of invaluable skills, such as interpretative dance and rock paper scissors. By tonight, we will finally know which is stronger… and the fact that we’ve done this 21 times before surely bodes well.


Please remember, you are welcome to visit two DougSoc meetings without having to pay membership! We can’t wait to see you on Tuesday.