Committee (in transition….)*

ChairBeautifulFace: Calvin Jordan
Hi there. I’m Calvin, and I’m the Society’s Chair. I’m in charge of making sure nobody dies, and the Society doesn’t collapse into the void. I’m also the guy who writes the weekly DougInfos, those nonsensical newsletters that get left in V-Bar after events. My hobbies include wearing all black, posing for photographs, and consuming enough caffeine to kill a small rhino.

SecreSuddenPangolin: Kendra Rabbitts**
Hello! I’m Kendra, the Society’s Secretary, which means I get to be a raving bureaucrat to my heart’s content. I am the entity who creates our very colourful weekly emails and can usually be found making gratuitous Douglas Adams references at every opportunity.

Embezzler-in-Cryptids: Snell Snell
I am Snell and I have the role of Embezzler, which seems to involve sitting on the DougSoc funds and growling at any one who tries to take them, so it suits my draconic tendencies. I’m the one who will strongly encourage you to pay membership, and will give you a snazzy keyring in return.

Toastmaster General: Ellen Churchill
I’m Ellen, I casually enjoy clothes shopping for dragons, piloting black holes and poking the faces of assassins. The role of the Toastmaster General seems to be offering toasts (with imaginary beverages or otherwise) to whatever is deemed good/fun to toast to.

P&P: Squawk Squire
Squawk, squaaaaaawk squawk squawk. Squawk squawk-squawk squaaawk. Squawk squawk, squawk, squawk!

Shape Rep: Joe Hoult
Hi! I’m Joe! I’m the Shape Rep of this society and behind the endless horde of adjectivised animals that appear in your email. I don’t really do much else but hey, who else can find you a disoriented orangutan on short notice?

Non-Monkey: Ellie Squire
I’m Ellie, DougSoc’s Non-Monkey, a role that involves looking after the Society’s library, trying to persuade people to occasionally borrow parts of it, and not being a monkey. I am successful at at least two of these.

Sacrificial F(ourth) Year: Sean Cannon
Hello, I am Sean Cannon. This year I am pretending to be a (Sacrificial) First Year in a futile attempt to recapture my lost youth, for I am nearly 22. I organise some events, interrupt conversations and hide things up my jumper. I am a physicist in my spare time.

Sacrificial F(ourth) Year: Euan Mitchell
Hi – I’m Euan, one half of the Society’s two Sacrificial First Years (currently Fourth Years for… reasons). I’m here to run events and be thrown to YUSU’s mercy should things go wrong. Fortunately, we all know that never happens – right?

Honorary positions

Great Uncle Bulgaria: Elise Groves
I’m Elise and I have the role of Great Uncle Bulgaria. My role involves trying to stay hip and relevant within the committee by nitpicking every detail of whatever anyone does and whinging about how we did stuff so much better when I was Chair.

Shoutsperson: Brian Blessed
The delightful Mr Brian Blessed accepted the position some years ago, having been voted in unanimously by the society at the time. We have a signed photograph. We will show it to you at every possible opportunity.

Demi-God: Gary Brannan
He has been permanently elected to this post, since he did so much for the Society whilst at York and should be forever a respected member of the Society’s Committee.

Deity: ???
The rules for this Committee position are somewhat esoteric, so we’re not entirely sure who actually holds this position at the moment. However, please rest assured that there is a Deity, who may or may not exist somewhere, or everywhere. Possibly. We apologise for the inconvenience.


*We love these guys we can’t cope giving them up to the void, but who could blame us?

** Chairbunny is on their way! They’ll be here in a hop and a skip… ok maybe just a hop