ChairBattenberger: Clementine Rimmer
Hi I’m Clemmie, I run around doing anything I can that isn’t poking YUSU; anyone for feeding Bob the Kraken? inflatable fight? hiding from YUSU? I do manage to find time to write the (not very witty) DougInfo’s, run events and gloat about the society (something I am very good at)!

SecreStraightAhead: Alan Alexander Potts
Hey, I’m Alex and I am what most societies would call a secretary. I’m responsible for sending out the weekly emails, keeping this very website up to date, and various other things behind the scenes. You’ll usually find me trainspotting at York Station or spending far too much money in the Campus bars for the good of my wallet. Also I own the door-open button from a Tube Train, because why not? 

Embezzler-in-Crocs: David Eastham
Greetings, I stand before you as David the Wise, the grand Embezzler of DougSoc! My job is to allocate the manna granted to us by the great god “YUSU” (and our members’ tithes) to allow events to run smoothly and efficiently, while siphoning off funds for my own nefarious means…

Toastmaster General: Simon Blackshaw
Hey peeps! I’m Simon, the next in the ever growing line of Toastmaster Generals for the best society in the universe. When I’m not making toasts you can find me making toast, exploring, looking at the stars, being shot by the previous toastmaster (ELLLLIIIIIEEEEE) and crashing cars 😊.

Sandwich Rep: Phoebe Hughes
I am the sandwich rep. I bring sandwiches and other edible items to committee meetings and can help run events.

Sandwich Rep: Reece Ford
I’m Reece, DougSoc’s other Sandwich Rep (Sans Rep for short)! I’m a lover of food, non-sequiturs, Doctor Who, and non-sequiturs about Doctor Who. You can generally find me either hiding in my room, playing Pokémon Go during lectures, or spending all my money on fancy bread. If you want to request a sandwich filling, you can yell “Oi top hat boi” into the ether and I’ll reply in 3 to 5 business millennia. Anyone fancy a sandwich?

P&P: Harry Tindale
Responsible for ordering Dougsoc’s various branded clothes

Shape Rep: Lucy Starling
My reign of terror continues… I’m still responsible for those concerning/questionable/lovable shapes on the weekly DougInfos. Aside from making shapes, I am full of useless facts about my hometown and have a cat photo for every occasion.

Non-Monkey: Jacob Bramley
I’m Jacob, the Non-Monkey of DougSoc. It’s my responsibility to look after DS’s collection of wonderful, interesting, and often bizarre items, from books and DVDs to inflatable cutlasses, without monkeying around too much. Of course, I also occasionally work to sabotage the dangerous pro-monkey factions without DS; we can’t afford another uprising this year!

Sacrificial Red Shirt #1.5: Alix Lucas
Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated – so far

Sacrificial Red Shirt #2: Kate Alice
I’m sure I’m safe and nothing can go wrong being in this position.

Sacrificial Red Shirt #π: Joel Stephenson
ǝɹǝɥ ƃuoɹʍ ʎlqᴉɹɹoɥ ǝuoƃ sɐɥ ƃuᴉɥʇǝɯoS

Honorary Positions

Great Uncle Bulgaria: Kendra Rabbitts
My name is Kendra, I’m DougSoc’s resident grumpy old git (a.k.a. Great Uncle Bulgaria). Back in the good old days, I was Chair of this society. When I were but a young lass… *general grumbling sounds*

Shoutsperson: Brian Blessed
The delightful Mr Brian Blessed accepted the position some years ago, having been voted in unanimously by the society at the time. We have a signed photograph. We will show it to you at every possible opportunity.

Demi-God: Gary Brannan
He has been permanently elected to this post, since he did so much for the Society whilst at York and should be forever a respected member of the Society’s Committee.

Deity: ???
The rules for this Committee position are somewhat esoteric, so we’re not entirely sure who actually holds this position at the moment. However, please rest assured that there is a Deity, who may or may not exist somewhere, or everywhere. Possibly. IWe apologise for the inconvenience.