ChairBunny: Kendra Rabbitts
Hello! My name is Kendra Rabbitts, and I am the society’s rather aptly named ChairBunny. My job generally consists of herding cats, poking YUSU with a stick, and pretending to know what I’m talking about. I also edit the DougInfo, run events, and otherwise indulge my sense of megalomania.

SecreSpontaneity: Clementine Rimmer
 I very narrowly avoided bring SecreSatsuma, but here I am. I’m often found either buried in a book or playing with bubbles. I’m obsessed with glitter and my relationship with stickers probably isn’t healthy. Oh and occasionally I do some work, like write those (not very) witty emails once a week.

Embezzler-in-Ccccccc: Harry Tindale
I am the Embezzler in Ccccccc, that means I’m in charge of the dosh. You want to rent a speed boat for your high speed get away from the police? Come to me! You need cash for rum, beer , quests and mead? Come to me! You need help doing your taxes? Go to someone else!

Toastmaster General: Ellie Squire
I’m Dougsoc’s Toastmaster General, which means it’s my job to make toasts at the start of every committee meeting, when we drink pan galactic gargle blasters, and whenever else I feel a toast is appropriate. Or inappropriate. Mostly, whenever I feel like. I also sometimes eat toast. This isn’t actually anything to do with my job, I just like toast.

                                     Sandwich Rep: Phoebe Hughes                                   I am the sandwich rep. I bring sandwiches and other edible items to committee meetings and can help run events.

P&P: Squawk Squire
Squawk, squaaaaaawk squawk squawk. Squawk squawk-squawk squaaawk. Squawk squawk, squawk, squawk!

Shape Rep: Lucy Starling
 Yo, I’m Lucy, DougSoc’s resident Shape Rep. I’m responsible for those concerning and perhaps questionable little shapes you see on the weekly DougInfos. Aside from making shapes, I am full of useless facts about my hometown (Scarborough!!) and have a cat photo for every occasion. See you around!

Non-Monkey: Jonathan Hatton 

Greetings! I am Jonathan, the Non-Monkey of DougSoc (other societies would probably use the word ‘Librarian’). This means about a week after being elected the previous committee turned up at my door, dumped a large collection of books, films and other miscellaneous objects in my arms and called it my job. So if you need an inflatable X-Wing at short notice, just call me.

Sacrificial Red Shirt: Joel Stephenson
Ooopps, i’m still writing my bio…. I promise i’m organised…

Sacrificial Red Shirt: Jacob Wright
‘m a little teapot short and stout, here is my handle, here is my spout…

Honorary positions

Great Uncle Bulgaria: Calvin Jordan
Hey, I’m Calvin, DougSoc’s current Great Uncle Bulgaria and resident grumpy old man. My favourite pastimes are sticking around long past my welcome, reminiscing about when I ruled the society, and telling kids to get off my lawn. Its my job to ‘advise’ the new committee on how best to do all their jobs. I’m so popular.

Shoutsperson: Brian Blessed
The delightful Mr Brian Blessed accepted the position some years ago, having been voted in unanimously by the society at the time. We have a signed photograph. We will show it to you at every possible opportunity.

Demi-God: Gary Brannan
He has been permanently elected to this post, since he did so much for the Society whilst at York and should be forever a respected member of the Society’s Committee.

Deity: ???
The rules for this Committee position are somewhat esoteric, so we’re not entirely sure who actually holds this position at the moment. However, please rest assured that there is a Deity, who may or may not exist somewhere, or everywhere. Possibly. We apologise for the inconvenience.